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Our Mission

Optimize the operational performance of your organization in terms of environmental hygiene by offering personalized technical, regulatory, and scientific expertise through a multidisciplinary team that guides, supports, and advises you at all stages of your projects.

Our Expertise

ValkarTech is a consulting firm specializing in building hygiene and sanitation.  Our versatility is ensured by a team of professionals that come from different sectors.  Managers, microbiologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers and trainers who use their expertise to achieve a common goal: to improve performance while controlling operating costs using IT tools developed in-house and adapted to our industry.


Calling on our services is not an expense but rather an investment.  Because our interventions are always personalized, our clients benefit from an important return on investment that can be quickly measured and that is appreciated by all our clients.


ValkarTech is here to free up valuable time for executives so they can focus on what they do best: running their businesses.

The origin of HBlogin

The HBlogin solution was developed in response to the real needs expressed by our customers from the very beginning of the health crisis.   

How can you effectively manage the maximum occupancy decreed by the government and how to ensure the security of the premises?  

How can you determine the housekeeping work to be performed when the people responsible for supervising the service provider may not necessarily be on site?

How do we adapt the demand for office cleaning services to the new growing trend of teleworking?

How can we reassure the people who circulate in the building that the risk of contamination is mitigated?  How do you know if the building is safe?

This is how the idea was born to develop an IT solution that allows employees and / or tenants to make workspace reservations while identifying needs in terms of housekeeping operations based on actual office attendance.  

Shaken by the pandemic, the housekeeping industry is being redefined and those responsible for cleaning operations in public buildings (office towers, schools, shopping centers, etc.) are under pressure to provide the best possible services to protect their customers.

Fortunately, the evolution of this sector in recent years has already enabled a favorable repositioning and a recognition of the importance and the direct impact that proper hygiene and sanitation have on the health of employees and incidentally on the performance of a company.

Companies must now transparently communicate their efforts to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

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