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Workstation reservation

A flexible work environment for productive employees

In the context of hybrid work and for companies that favor shared workspaces, HBlogin allows employees to view which desks are available, to make a reservation, to plan their day remotely, and to come to the office at their convenience.   

Reservation of  offices and workstations

Announce your visit to the office and enjoy a better reception


Employees can pre-book a workspace to plan a productive day at the office.   A quick glance reveals the current status of all workstations.

  "Available" - "Reserved" - "Occupied" - "Waiting to be cleaned" - "Temporarily closed".

The App can also provide a brief description of the space (capacity, available equipment,...) to choose what is most suitable.

HBlogin meets the new H&S requirements by tracking the cleaning activities.  After being " Occupied ", a space must be cleaned and disinfected to become " Available " again. 

Suivi de la reservation des bureaux

Boardroom management

An aesthetic and personalized display to communicate with transparency and style

Install touch screens at the entrance of your rooms to display real-time status, know whose name is on the reservation, which colleagues will be present and even allow you to make or modifiy a reservation on the spot.

Conference rooms require careful monitoring of cleaning and sanitizing.  HBlogin provides a cleaning service before and after each reservation.


This essentially helps to reassure employee while enforcing effective monitoring for housekeeping operations.

Interactive plan

visualize your premises in real time to match actual needs 

The interactive plan allows you to validate the use of space on each floor in real time.

At a glance, an employee can quickly assess whether the available space meets their needs before making a reservation.  Employees can also quickly locate their co-workers by clicking on the positions that are reserved.

Real-time monitoring allows managers to adjust safe distances and reconfigure room capacity based on occupancy patterns.  A map view allows daily cleaning operations to be directed to the most frequented areas for greater efficiency.


Over time, the visualization of reservations allows managers to proceed with certain reorganizations to make their space more profitable and better address the occupants' needs.

Plan interatif des espaces

Simple and efficient registration

Data collection for greater efficiency


When arriving on site, simply scan the NFC code near the door to confirm your presence and validate that the reservation is in your name.

Immediately, the status of the room will change from "Reserved" to "Occupied" and the housekeeping service will be informed that a cleaning must be scheduled later.


After a certain period of time, an unvalidated reservation will be automatically cancelled and the space will become "Available" again to allow for a new reservation and avoid unnecessary maintenance.


When the reservation expires, the status of the room will be " Awaiting cleaning ".  At this point, it is impossible to make a reservation.  When the cleaning is done, the space will return to "Available".

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