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Borne intéractive / Active directory

HBlogin is the cornerstone of any intelligent building

Welcome your employees and tenants back to the office with a new virtual concierge service that eases and optimizes the workday.

HBlogin offers a number of convenient features, adding considerable value to the work environment.

Mainly designed to optimize building management to better plan, target and track cleaning operations, the benefits of HBlogin go far beyond ensuring the safety of employees, tenants and visitors.  


Lead the way into the future of real estate and provide enhanced, state-of-the-art service to meet the changing needs of employees and tenants.  Maintain a positive office spirit in your facility despite the distance imposed by telecommuting.    


Not so long ago, telecommuting was mostly a means of business travel or for exceptional reasons, as a last resort. Today, and hopefully for many months to come, telecommuting will continue to be encouraged and even become common practice. Office visits are now done sporadically, sometimes on a schedule to control traffic in the building. Managers must be vigilant. But how to effectively manage office occupancy without imposing a restrictive work schedule on employees?


This new reality also poses a real challenge for housekeeping activities that must be maintained. How can teams be directed to ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of the premises when there is no one on site to see the traffic in a concrete way? 

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Tailor-made functions and
a visual adapted to your image

Mur d'écran, Borne intéractive / Active directory
Mur d'écran, Borne intéractive / Active directory
Borne interactive / répertoire
Borne intéractive / Active directory
Mur d'écran, Borne intéractive / Active directory

A practical and user-friendly application to stay connected with the whole office, even remotely!

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