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Access Management

HBlogin contributes to the security of your spaces at all times by acting as a log of attendance and visits that can be consulted for future reference. 

Visitor management

A welcoming environment


Whether you are an employee or a visitor (delivery men, service providers, etc.), the application offers a quick and user-friendly check-in process, remotely or on site.

HBlogin provides the ability to control the comings and goings of visitors within your establishment in a confidential and secure manner. Terminals are installed at the building's reception desk to allow visitors to check in and indicate the reason for their visit.

Immediately, HBlogin will send a notification to the concerned employee to advise them of a visitor's arrival.


Station d'acceuil des visiteurs

Key and access card management

Increase security and keep track of your key and access card loans in real time


By filling out an electronic form and presenting a valid ID (pre-approved by the employer or building manager), users can request keys or access cards.  

HBlogin is compatible with various existing magnetic card systems.

Quickly view the list of accesses that have been requested, on what date, at what time and by whom. The record can also be used to locate lost keys or access cards or to track a visit from a specific service provider.

Delivery management

Avoid missing or lost packages


The building vacancies caused by telecommuting sometimes force delivery people to leave packages on a desk or doorstep unattended.

This unfortunate practice is sometimes the only recourse for a delivery person who is faced with an abandoned reception counter.

With HBlogin, the carrier will be able to quickly report the delivery, confirm the drop-off and the recipient will be automatically notified.  

Moreover, HBlogin can easily be linked to your smart lockers, a service that is becoming more and more common in modern buildings.

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