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Smart buildings

A smart building is a building that maximizes the use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to increase its connectivity and optimally adapt its operational infrastructure, management and overall customer experience while generating significant cost and energy savings.   


You don't get smart by snapping your fingers!  HBlogin allows you to innovate at your own pace and add artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features in a progressive manner.


Air Quality Analysis

The future of real estate rests on healthy buildings  


The integration of an air quality analysis function represents a clear added value.  HBlogin's sensors transmit the analyzed data in real time and allow occupants to monitor the air quality at any time.

An alert of poor air quality can be sent automatically to anyone in the building.

Similarly, a room reservation may not be permitted if the air quality is unacceptable according to pre-determined thresholds.  

Depending on the selected plan and the level of connectivity in your building, HBlogin can control the ventilation system to promote air exchange or even control the temperature or lighting of a space to reduce energy costs. 

Gestion de la qualité d'air
Niveau de fourniture, toilettes intelligents
Niveau de fourniture, toilettes intelligents
Niveau de fourniture, toilettes intelligents

Smart toilets

Discover the benefits of smart toilets


The most critical area of a building is also the most criticized. Rely on HBlogin to ensure a standard of cleanliness that will meet the highest of user expectations.


The Internet of Things (IoT) allows your devices to instantly communicate replenishment needs through HBlogin.

  • Optimize washroom maintenance based on traffic patterns

  • Reduce product consumption and waste

  • Reduced user complaints

  • Improved overall appearance

Traffic control

Respect the occupancy rate and capacity limits of your spaces at all times


Motion detectors are used to ensure a constant head count of the number of people in your building.  The HBlogin allows you to enforce the latest distancing measures and to apply the occupancy rate of your building according to the size of each room.

The maximum capacity can be adjusted to quickly comply with new guidelines or depending on the usage of a particular space.

Groupe de personnes

Configurable emergency alerts

Set up alerts to enhance the security of your facility


By bringing the entire building community together under a single platform, HBlogin can be used to quickly inform all occupants of a situation calling for an emergency evacuation or a temporary interruption of service.


In addition, the building's visitor log facilitates the tracking of contacts if a person who has come to the office tests positive for COVID-19 or carries any contagious disease.

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