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Community experience

Foster community mobilization

HBlogin is designed to facilitate and encourage communication between all users!  Maintain a positive office spirit in your establishment despite the distance imposed by teleworking. 

Virtual Concierge Service

A personal assistant at your fingertips!

With HBlogin, planning and organizing your corporate activities is at your fingertips.  HBlogin also helps encourage your building's merchants.  

  • Contact your favorite caterer or restaurant to schedule a business meal delivery;

  • Make an appointment with a professional service available in your building (hair salon, spa, medical clinic, etc...);

  • Call a Taxi or report your needs to your building's valet service.

Service de livraison de nettoyage à sec
Forum de discussion

Discussion Forum

Share your thoughts


Encourage networking within your community!

Keep your work teams functional and connected with ongoing conversation threads.

Ask for feedback or get quick responses to spontaneous in-house surveys.

Service calls management

Enhanced customer service

HBlogin users can submit service calls without delay and share their comments, feedback or complaints instantly.


HBlogin makes it easy to follow up and provide quick feedback to ensure your occupants are fully satisfied.  They can also use it to report a breakdown. 


HBlogin will be able to track exactly when the inquiry was made, by whom it was made and how long it took before the situation was restored.

Portail de l'immeuble
Présentation de la personne ressource

Your building's portal

Impart your corporate culture and philosophy


Showcase your company, your team and your accomplishments.


Share your vision and goals. Celebrate appointments or acquisitions.

The HBlogin will seamlessly blend into your environment with a variety of attractively designed models.  Choose the most appropriate design, depending on the location of the terminal, to display your building directory and contacts.

Take advantage of the versatility of digital terminals to display other relevant information, such as sanitary guidelines, appointment notices, outdoor temperature, etc...


A virtual event planner

In the modern era of hybrid work, the workplace takes on a whole new perspective.

Change old habits, use your office for different purposes and celebrate your successes in your own space!   

Leave part of the event planning to your virtual assistant.  Setup your HBlogin to promote your event, to send personalized invitations, to confirm attendance, to order food,...

À votre santé
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