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HBlogin: the new App dedicated to your building and its community

Application de gestion des bureaux | HBlogin

Since its creation, ValkarTech has always valued the use of advanced technologies to facilitate and optimize the management of sanitation and hygiene operations in buildings. It was therefore only logical to develop a custom IT solution to meet the needs of the new work habits that were generated by the health crisis by integrating functions to enforce the renewed cleaning and disinfection standards.

There is no doubt that the return to office and public spaces will be done with great caution. Recent surveys confirm that the new Normal now involves expectations of absolute cleanliness[1]. An overwhelming majority of Canadians (89%) believe that businesses have a responsibility to prevent the spread of disease and expect public spaces to continue to enforce cleanliness measures after the pandemic. In some buildings, housekeeping management will need to be reviewed as service delivery is directly affected by the widespread adoption of teleworking. Faced with a more demanding yet less present clientele, building managers should embrace transparency and foster open communication with their tenants to demonstrate their efforts in providing a clean and safe environment.

Primarily designed to help managers better plan, target, and track cleaning operations remotely, HBlogin also offers many benefits to tenants, employees, visitors - in short, the entire building community:

  • Managers get conclusive data on customer attendance and habits to optimize operational performance and remain competitive.

  • Tenants and visitors are comforted by being able to validate the cleaning and disinfection of spaces, as well as benefit from a personalized application and an enhanced customer experience thanks to the virtual concierge.

  • Housekeeping service providers gain efficiency through the use of innovative technologies in their daily operations.

In practical terms, HBlogin is a platform that allows employees to book a workspace before they travel to the office to inform other colleagues of their visit to the office, to ensure that a workstation is available, but above all to guarantee that it will be cleaned and disinfected beforehand!

It is also an effective communication tool that gathers comments or service calls from users and can issue notices or alerts to one or more people at a time (delivery notification, arrival of a visitor, water shut-off notice or COVID-19 alert).

It is a digital logbook that provides statistics on peak hours and most frequented areas in order to direct cleaning and disinfection operations to the right places and at the right time to make cleaning and disinfection operations more profitable.

It's a customized virtual concierge application that adds significant value to your work environment while encouraging local businesses.

In a context where the trend towards hybrid work schedules is gradually taking hold within companies and employees are becoming increasingly isolated, HBlogin offers several functions that help build relationships and create a sense of belonging. It is a user-friendly and practical application that fosters a positive community spirit among all occupants of a building despite the distance imposed by telecommuting.

Contact us for a detailed presentation and to discuss the benefits that HBlogin can bring to you!

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