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HBlogin: the foundation for intelligent buildings

Pave the way for the future of the property management with HBlogin

A 100% Quebec-made solution, developed by a team of specialists actively involved in optimizing the management operations of several prestigious downtown buildings.  

An accessible, flexible and safe work environment thanks to HBlogin!

HBlogin is the ultimate workspace reservation application for facilities that want to adapt to the trend of hybrid work and maintain optimal management of all operations.

Establish a flexible workplace

HBlogin simplifies the planning of work schedules and office visits for employees adopting a hybrid work mode.

Reduce your building's janitorial costs

Generate savings by targeting your needs and focusing your efforts in the right places at the right times.

Optimize your building management

Actual data on building traffic and occupant habits for accurate guidance and informed decisions.

Offer a distinctive customer experience

Engage your community, reinforce your corporate culture, and make office visits an enjoyable experience.

A practical and user-friendly application to stay connected with the whole office, even remotely!

Prior to the pandemic, most telecommuting was done when traveling for business or in exceptional circumstances, as a last resort. Today, telecommuting is increasingly common and is the new standard for hybrid work arrangements. Office visits are becoming sporadic, sometimes following a schedule to control building occupancy. Managers have to adjust their work models and conform to the new expectations of the company. 

This new reality of remote working poses a real challenge for janitorial activities, which must be maintained despite the sharp drop in office attendance. How do you manage teams to ensure cleanliness and disinfection of the premises when there is no one on site to actually see the traffic and supervise the operations?

We have put all our expertise into designing a solution that meets the emerging needs created by this redefinition of work habits. HBlogin lets employees book their workspaces, provides building managers with valuable data for operations management and allows janitorial services to be based on actual site usage.

Back-to-work statistics that speak for themselves!

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Canadian employees seek greater flexibility in the workplace.


Canadian employees are considering changing employers if flexibility is not an available option.


Companies want the workplace to be a shared environment. 


Canadians expect high standards of cleanliness to be maintained after the pandemic.


Employees feel reassured by the limitation of the number of employees on the premises.


Customizable functions for a tailor-made solution

HBlogin offers several complementary features to office booking that can be integrated as your needs arise or as your projects evolve.  


HBlogin is the perfect platform for the progressive integration of technology and artificial intelligence into the daily management of your building.

  • Air quality analysis;

  • Visitor management;

  • Temperature and light control;

  • Key and access card management;

  • Exercise room access and membership management;

  • Service provider management and building maintenance monitoring;

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